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"Awelye Dreaming" by Raelene Stevens

Raelene Stevens

"Awelye Dreaming" by Raelene Stevens

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  • 140x90cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Raelene:

Raelene Stevens is from the Northern Rivers area of NSW. She has been painting for over 15 years. Her works have been sold both here in Australia and overseas. Raelene’s painting style incorporates many different techniques. Her use of colour is always bold and striking. 

About the artwork:

The linear designs in Raelene’s paintings signify women’s ceremony 'Awelye'. 'Awelye' refers to women's ceremonies associated with women's business and also to the painting of designs on a women's body. This spiritual, sensuous and meditative performance reflects the nurturing role of women in Aboriginal society. The designs are painted during the 'Awelye' ceremonies on people chest, breasts, arms and thighs. Powders are ground from red and yellow clays 'Ochre' also charcoal and ash are used to paint the women's body. She applies paint with a flat stick with soft padding call 'Typale' and each woman takes her turn to be painted-up. During the ceremony women sing songs associated with their 'Awelye'. Women perform 'Awleye' ceremonies to demonstrate respect for their country and the total well-being and health of their community.