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"Dancing Perentes" by Justin Ronberg
"Dancing Perentes" by Justin Ronberg
"Dancing Perentes" by Justin Ronberg
"Dancing Perentes" by Justin Ronberg

Justin Ronberg

"Dancing Perentes" by Justin Ronberg


  • 98cm by 58cm 
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Justin

Justin Ronberg spent his youth in the Northern Territory and the central Desert regions where he was encouraged by his family to pursue his Artistic talents. From an early age Justin has been inspired by the mind-blowing sounds of the didgeridoo. Justin’s father is Bunna Lawrie, a member of the international band Coloured Stone, his country is the Nullarbor coastal areas of the Great Australian Bight. Justin’s mother is Emily Anne Ronberg of the Luritja-Arrente tribe of the central desert, NT.

Justin’s Australian landscape and earth images paint a strong sense connection with the Australian outback (bush). His creations are earthy, vibrant and full of life.

The sounds and visions of the Australian landscape are expressed through his unique style of painting. This creative expression reflects his ongoing artistic journey to promote his cultural heritage.

Principles of art and craft were given to him to enable Justin to follow his artistic path. Justin is an internationally recognised and collected artist, who is also a fantastic didgeridoo performer and teacher.

About the artwork 

Justin paints "Dancing Perentes" – Perentes (perenties) are a larger form of Goanna (similar to the Iguana) that symbolise Protection. They are a food source to his tribe as well as representing the spirit of his ancestors. The circles in this piece represent the different Aboriginal communities surrounding Ukaka; these communities all share the land and also share a mutual respect for the animals that call that land home. The bright yellow ‘stars’ represent Spinifex grass, a native plant that grows in abundance where Justin lives. The smaller pointed dots scattered around the painting signify the Milkyway that the Perentes dance under.