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"Education" by Jason Tjampi Clancy

Jason Tjampi Clancy

"Education" by Jason Tjampi Clancy


  • 100 x 75 cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Jason

Jason learnt to paint from his brother, whilst living in Darwin for four years. Jason is from a long line of artists that come from Anmatyerre country in the central desert.

 For 10 years Jason studied under his elders, specifically, Peggy Nungulla Reily, Beryl Pultara, Barbara Leo, Judith Ross, Tommy Mbitjana and Mark Cook. He is now a well established artist whose work sells around Australia and internationally.   

Ti-tree, or Pmara Jutunta, is his mothers and grandparents country. 

Jason resides in Perth now, and often goes to visit his homelands to connect with his family and culture. Painting is just one way he keeps his dreaming alive in the city.

About the artwork 

This painting depicts two elderly men teaching two younger men (represented by the “U” shapes) how to hunt for Kangaroo and Emu (represented by the tracks coming out of the middle waterhole) along three main waterholes (represented by the circles) and hills (represented by the curved lines). This was a common sight to see amongst the tribes when the younger men were coming of age.