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Kangaroo Cross-Hatch Didge by Barb Hardy

Barb Hardy

Kangaroo Cross-Hatch Didge by Barb Hardy


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  • 1.3 meters in size
  • Bark bottom
  • Painted with acrylic paints on mallee wood
  • 100% Australia Made
  • Termite hollowed wood

About Barb and her tribe:

Barb is an indigenous artist from the Wiradjuri tribe, NSW. Her tribe are known for making and carving their own didgeridoos from the large number of carved trees that can be found across the Wiradjuri lands.  

The Wiradjuri lands were signposted with carved trees which marked burial grounds. Carved trees have been found at the junction of the Macquarie and Campbell Rivers at O’Connell. (This tree can be seen on display in the Bathurst Historical Museum).

Bora rings were located on key sites like Wahlu (Mount Panorama) where initiations and other important ceremonies were held. The caretaker’s cottage in McPhillamy Park is believed to be constructed from the stones of three bora rings where, for thousands of years, the Wiradjuri held initiations and corroborees.

Stone monuments associated with men’s business have also been found on Bald Hill and Mount Pleasant.

Handcrafts included woven baskets and delicately stitched and engraved possum skin cloaks, worn for protections against the colder weather.

Women also stretched out possum skins on their laps to beat out rhythms during ceremonies and dances. Traditional dances portrayed battles, hunting and the animals which were both prey and totems for the Wiradjuri. Men decorated their bodies with white paint for these dances.