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"Love Brolgas" by Mingi May Barnes

Mingi May Barnes

"Love Brolgas" by Mingi May Barnes


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  • 120x100cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Mingi:

Mingi is a part of the Wangkatjunga linguistic group. Mingi is an abbreviation of Mingiwindi, which means ‘keeper of the emus’. Mingi was born on the 1st of May 1950 at Christmas Creek Mission in Western Australia. She is the Daughter of renowned stockman, Barney Barnes and Maggie Barnes who was the station’s cook.

Mingi commenced painting in 1988 when the Walmarjarri law allowed her to paint her stories. Prior to this, the stories that had been passed down to Mingi from her mother, father and grandfather were not to be painted or told to others. While these stories do not relate to any of the secret or sacred beliefs, which must remain that way, her stories tell of the every day life of the Aboriginal people of the Wangkatjunka and Walmarjarri people.

About the artwork:

This painting depicts the mating dance of the brolgas at sunset. Mingi paints these Brolgas with the intention of recreating a feeling of union, togetherness, happiness and joy. There are people (represented by the “U” shapes) scattered around the sides of the artwork watching these Brolgas perform their dance. This is a special story to Mingi who uses this image as her artwork logo.