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Mallee Wood Painted Didgeridoo

Roy Christian

Mallee Wood Painted Didgeridoo


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This particular didgeridoo is painted on mallee. The main painting on the front of the didgeridoo shows the goanna, which symbolically represents the Protector of the land in Indigenous culture. The cross-hatching across the goannas body is a traditional style of Aboriginal painting that is often used to solidify the meaning of that which is being painted (in this case, the goanna's protective qualities).

Roy Christian was born in 1965. He is from Wiradjuri tribe in New South Wales. Roy Christian is a talented artist and makes beautiful Didgeridoos which he carves and paints skilfully. He also paints on canvas and mostly uses earthy tone colours in his paintings. The symbols and patterns he uses in his art come from aboriginal art of Wiradjuri tribe.