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May Chapman

may Chapman

May Chapman


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Karntimarta Brush Artists 2018 was established in July 2009 supporting Nyangumarta and Martu  painters from Strelley, Warralong and  Hedland  communities.

May Chapman (Maywokka) is Karimarra and was born in the desert, Naru in the 1940s. She lives at Warralong with her children and grand-children. Her language is Manyjilyjarra. She talks ‘her way’ in broken English and language about her life growing up and walking as a girl through her country, the pujiman (bush), the warla (lake), the tali (sandhills). Her paintings reflect her country and life experiences and often the centre piece represents an important waterhole or meeting place.

She paints at Strelley Community School in Warralong. She often uses a stick from a tree branch to paint and will sharpen the stick on a rock outside the art room. She likes vibrant colours and this reflects her character to. She has a sense of humour and will wink at you to ‘make a bit of mischief’. The colours in this painting reflect how she sees the changing colours of the land, in her many roads that she travels.