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"My Place" by May Chapman

May Chapman

"My Place" by May Chapman


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  • 72 x 72 cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About May

Maywokka is Karimarra and was born in the desert, Naru in the 1940s. She lives at Warralong with her children and grand-children. Her language is Manyjilyjarra. She talks ‘her way’ in broken English and language about her life growing up and walking as a girl through her country, the pujiman (bush), the warla (lake), the tali (sandhills). Her paintings reflect her country and life experiences. 

She paints at Strelley Community School in Warralong. She is a quick painter and sometimes uses a stick from a tree to paint. May likes to go fishing at Muylie, Pardoo and the Coongan.

 May likes playing card games. She has a secret place where she fishes and doesn’t want to tell where it is because it’s for old ladies.

 About the artwork

Warralong or Karntimarta is a place that the mob call home. This painting is called ‘My Place’, reflecting the land she calls home. The mob enjoy the ‘big rains’. In May’s words: “this means you cannot travel sometimes because the rivers flood and you are stuck in Warralong for a while. Everything turns green.”