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"Ngapa Dreaming" by Johnny Jangala
"Ngapa Dreaming" by Johnny Jangala
"Ngapa Dreaming" by Johnny Jangala
"Ngapa Dreaming" by Johnny Jangala

Johnny Jangala

"Ngapa Dreaming" by Johnny Jangala


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  • 100cm by 110cm 
  • Acrylic paint on canvas 

Johnny Jangala is a Warlpiri, Gurindji, and Anmatjerre man from the Northern Territory. He started painting in 1996 after being given permission from senior Walpiri and Gurindji Elders and Lawmen. His technique and style are developed from a strong connection to his family links in the Central Tanami Desert of the Northern Territory.  Johnny paints the stories of his father's, mother's, grandmother's and grandfather's dreaming’s.

About the artwork

In this painting, “Rainwater story tells of the journey of the water spirits who travel the lands bringing the rain and replenishing the soaks and underground rivers and springs, bringing life and new growth to the deserts for the animals and people.”


Johnny’s works have sold to private collectors in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Darwin including internationally in France, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the United States. He became known and established a name as an upcoming talent in 1999, exhibiting his art alongside such famous names as Emily Kame Nungarrayi, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Dr. George Ward Tjapaltjarri, Michael Nelson Tjakamarra, Janet Long Nagamarre, Gabriella Possum  Nungurrayi, and Malcolm Maloney Jagamarre.  Johnny has been absent from the art scene for 17yrs’ and only recently starting painting again after suffering a serious accident in 2001.


  • Mia Mia Gallery, Templestowe, Melbourne. Victoria
  • Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • Moth festival Wodonga Vic
  • Jupuralla Arts Gallery Albury NSW
  • Apma Creations Tilba NSW
  • Australian Aboriginal Art Collection Exhibit for the Guggenheim Museum USA. (1999)