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" Seven Sisters Dreaming" by Elaine Williams


" Seven Sisters Dreaming" by Elaine Williams


Elaine Williams was born in the bush at a waterhole close to the community of Docker River, NT, in 1969 and grew up at the remote community of Irrunytju on the border of Western Australia and Northern Territory. She later moved to Kalgoorlie and then Esperance.

While Elanie was busy bringing up her 4 daughters (Julie, Janice, Venita and Casseyanne) she witnessed the strengthening of the art movement in the APY lands. In the early 2000’s, Elaine’s mother, Maringka Baker, picked up a paintbrush for the first time and went on to become one of Australia’s most successful Indigenous artists. Elaine’s uncle was the great Jimmy Baker (c. 1915 – 2010), who was one of the most senior and highly respected men and artists in the APY lands. Both Maringka and Jimmy were the feature artists at the Australian National Gallery’s Culture Warriors Triennial.

Elaine started her artistic career in 2010 and hasn’t looked back. She has a deep connection to the country which is expressed with beauty in her paintings.

About the painting

The Seven Sisters Dreamtime story is an epic tale of lust, love, passion and danger. Artists who paint this Dreaming explain it is the story of an Ancestral Being in the guise of a man who relentlessly pursues seven sisters (Ancestral Women) over land and sky. In hot pursuit, the man travels great distances from Western Australia into the APY Lands, and later the protagonists’ cross-country travels take him into Warlpiri country, where the sisters become the Napaljarri-warnu. This epic narrative is explored from the perspective of a number of Indigenous artists here at Kate Owen Gallery, culminating in a collection of works that are as intricate as they are expansive.