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"Turtle Dreaming" by Ken Farmer
"Turtle Dreaming" by Ken Farmer
"Turtle Dreaming" by Ken Farmer
"Turtle Dreaming" by Ken Farmer

Ken Farmer

"Turtle Dreaming" by Ken Farmer


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  • 92 x 42 cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Ken:

Ken's Indigenous Australian name is Nundjan Djiridjarkin. He is a senior leader of the Bibbulmun cultural group in the South West of Western Australia. Ken was born at Moore River Native Settlement near Mogumber in 1931. He served in the Australian Army for 15 years and then became involved in Indigenous Australian politics. Ken was involved in the repatriation of the head of Aboriginal hero Yagan, which was stolen from the Swan River in 1833 and placed in a cemetery in the United Kingdom. He is highly respected and admired by Indigenous and non-Indigenous community members. 

Ken’s unique dot work and bush tucker images paint a strong sense connection with the Australian outback (bush) and south west coast. His creations are earthy, vibrant and full of life.

The sounds and visions of the aboriginal dreamings are expressed through his unique style of painting. This creative expression reflects his ongoing artistic journey to promote his cultural heritage.

Principles of art and craft were given to him to enable Ken to follow his artistic path. Ken’s artworks are internationally recognised and collected. This particular Dreaming involves two turtles swimming next to each other, sharing stories of the Dreamtime.