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"Two Fishes, Five Loaves" by Olive Boddington

Olive Boddington

"Two Fishes, Five Loaves" by Olive Boddington


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  • 83 x 50 cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Olive

Olive Boddington originated in the Murchison River community and now lives in Geraldton with her husband Ross Boddington. Olive was born in 1940 at Muggon Station in the Murchison District and was educated at “Pallottine Mission”, now called “Wandalgu Hostel”. 

Olive’s artwork is very fine and detailed and she uses traditional aboriginal symbols to represent objects and people in her work. This particular painting represents fish and loaves, two important sources of food for the Murchison River community. The ‘U’ shape represents people hunting with their long spears. 

 "I paint about places that are special to me and my family in the Murchison."- Olive Boddington.