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"Waterhole Dreaming" Anthelia Thomas

Anthelia Thomas

"Waterhole Dreaming" Anthelia Thomas


  • 45 x 45 cm in size
  • Painted with acrylic paints on canvas

About Anthelia

Anthelia Thomas lives at Warralong with her Grand-mother May (Maywokka) Chapman, her mum Sandra Thomas and Aunty Doreen Chapman. The photo below shows that Anthelia comes from a well-known family in the Pilbara who are painters. Anthelia is 19 years old.

Anthelia likes to work alongside other young artists. She designs her own paintings and uses colour carefully.  She enjoys making connection to people and finds it easy to make friends. One of Anthelia’s paintings was screen printed on swim wear worn by Fair Game’ members.

Anthelia is apart of the Karntimarta Brush Artists in Warralong, which was established in July 2009 supporting Nyangumarta and Martu painters from Strelley, Warralong and Hedland communities. 

This painting is called ‘Animals Gathering at the Waterhole’ depicting her thoughts about the mob’s traditional foods they hunt around Warralong.