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Colour Me Bush Medicine - The Amazing Work of Sharon Numina

Posted by Jilan Shah on
Colour Me Bush Medicine - The Amazing Work of Sharon Numina
Creative Native recently received a range of new artworks by Utopia artist Sharon Numina. Have a read below to see why Sharon is fast becoming one of Utopia's more highly regarded artists. 
All The Colours of the Rainbow
Sharon is extremely confident with her choice of colour. From bright reds to hues of blue and yellow-gold, her artworks certainly make a statement. Not being afraid to push the boundaries, she also occasionally pairs colours like purple and orange together, which are opposites on the colour spectrum. It's combinations like these that leave a lasting impression on the viewer and make for a talking point amongst friends. Using a similar technique to her well-known sister Louise Numina, her brushstrokes can often contain several colours at once; each mark creating a beautiful gradient of colour. 
Sharon Numina Bush Medicine
Phenomenal Detail
Sharon's attention to detail is nothing short of phenomenal. In particular, one of her techniques utilises short, thin lines indicating Seeded Bush Medicine, as seen below. There is not a stroke out of place; the fine lines are painted closely together creating mesmerizing movement throughout the piece. Sharon pays close attention to the placement of each stroke, allowing room for pops of colour to come through as if emerging from the background. 
Sharon Numina Bush Flowers
Healing Through Art
Sharon's predominant motif throughout her artwork is the Bush Medicine Leaves, Seeded Bush Medicine or Bush Medicine Flowers, illustrating traditional women's stories of collecting the medicine and bringing it back to the camp to be utilised for their healing properties. Sharon hopes that in painting about bush medicine, its healing qualities will be spread in the homes in which the paintings are hung, allowing the viewer to benefit from these qualities.
Combining this beautiful intention with her expert use of colour, Sharon's work is fast becoming sought after both nationally and abroad. Painting along-side her artist sisters up in Utopia, she enjoys creating regularly for galleries all over Australia. 
To view more and purchase Sharon's art, visit our link here.
Sharon Numina Bush Medicine

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