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Begin your journey into the wonderful world of Aboriginal art here. Unwind to its sensational and aesthetic appeal. Take in the vivid patterns, mesmerizing colours and alluring details. Be moved by its authentic, rustic and raw beauty that at once captures your heart.

But more importantly - Understand the cultural significance. Explore the meanings behind symbols and motifs that are deeply embedded in all Indigenous artforms. And make art the medium to take a peek into an ancient culture that is more than 60,000 years old.

From cave paintings and rock paintings, ceremonial body painting, carvings and etchings on artefacts, bark paintings, ochre paintings, paintings on canvas, linen, glass or wood, weavings and textile paintings, sculpture and pottery – There are so many mediums to explore.

Themes of the Dreamtime. Ancient stories of mystical creatures and fables of beings the size of mountains. Magnificent Aussie landforms – red deserts, majestic highlands, serpentine rivers, tranquil seas and thriving bushland. Landforms tied with the Songlines, and their ceremonial and ritualistic significance.

Bush tucker. Starry nights. Changing seasons. Areal views of the land. Even the most mundane everyday things find translation in art. 

And the more contemporary themes closer to our times - political commentary on Indigenous issues, reconciliation and righting historical wrongs, environmental concerns in support of conservation and protection, education and equality – important subjects that find representation in art. 

Someone remarked so truly and we paraphrase – The Aboriginal art is unique in the world where artworks that have been created in a relatively recent time merit being showcased in a museum owing to their anthropological significance, and at the same time in an art gallery, because of their outstanding artistic appeal.

Creative Native is one such gallery that helps to promote Aboriginal art and cultural heritage through dedicated initiatives.  Our every endeavour - exhibitions, workshops, events, services, and our blog – is focused towards achieving greater exposure for our artworks, artists and artisans.