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Ethics & Authenticity

We each find different meaning in art. For some it signifies a cultural experience, for others, it sparks an inner dialogue. As an established art gallery and art haven, we are often placed in the epicentre of these exchanges. And we are responsible for how art and artists are perceived, valued and even treated.

We work hard to create an environment where transactions are fair, and the diverse and unique voices of our indigenous artists and artisans are properly represented.

Our true mission is to promote Indigenous artists, exhibit art that is meaningful to the local community and share and spread the word about the incredible Aboriginal artworks. Make art accessible in the truest sense.

We believe that the artists and artisans, the creators of the art, should benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery. They should be the recipients of all the love and fame.

If you purchase art through Creative Native you are making a fair and ethical purchase. Here's why.

  • Creative Native has a long-standing association with Aboriginal art for over 32 years, and stands for fair and ethical trading in all its dealings with Aboriginal art and artists.
  • We abide by a code of conduct that promote integrity, transparency and accountability in the Indigenous art market.
  • We are bound by our code of ethics and we are committed to supporting ethical trading standards that include:
    • Fair, honest, and professional dealings with Indigenous artists.
    • Respect for Indigenous artists’ cultural practices and rights.
    • Transparency in the promotion and sale of Indigenous artwork.


Creative Native guarantees that all artworks shown on our website are authentic with provenance assured. This certificate gives customers the reassurance that they have purchased art which has been ethically sourced and provides certainty of the artwork’s origin.


Provenance for all artworks

Creative Native provides its customers with a Certificate of Authenticity for every piece of artwork. The certificate includes a profile of the artist as well as other details such as a sign and date and an explanation of the painting along with a photograph of the artist with their work.

The profile records information that Creative Native has gathered on the artist and general information on the stories that the artist paints.  This provenance is required for the collector’s resale.

Additionally, Creative Native encourages its artists to confer each piece of artwork with a seal or sign that includes their full name and date, at the back of the painting.


Certificate of Authenticity

A Certificate of Authenticity provides the buyer with a guarantee from Creative Native that the art purchased is an authentic, genuine and original Aboriginal artwork.  Each Certificate of Authenticity is printed on a Creative Native letterhead.

The certificate comprises the following details:

  • Catalogue No (A unique number assigned to each individual artwork)
  • Size
  • Medium
  • Date Painted
  • Artist’s Name
  • Artist’s Language Group
  • Artist’s Country
  • Title/Story of Artwork
  • Description of the artwork’s story as told by the artist
  • Signature of the Creative Native Art Manager