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Art Consultancy

Finding that painting that sparks an instant emotional and spiritual connection is a rare and surreal experience. And we are experts at creating such experiences. 

We delve deep into your requirements and pick out paintings that not only meet your palette, but also add another dimension to your living. They enhance your space and make it a delight for years to come.

Whether you are a home or business. Looking for art that is economical or art that is priceless or art that is essential. We can help. And we don’t charge for these services.

We expedite results by bringing together years of experience to the test. Finding that perfect aesthetic for your space. Matching even the most subtle and understated requirements and giving you an array of paintings that will make choosing a tough job indeed.  


Residential Art Consulting

Art is a discovery and when you look at the artwork in your living room you want to make sure it keeps you intrigued and engaged for a long time to come.

That is what makes consulting so rewarding for us. Helping you find that perfect painting from among some great choices. Understanding your budget. Scoping your space for a good spot and size of painting. Providing you with details and the stories behind each painting that help you connect with it deeply. And the satisfaction of guiding you to make a winning choice.

What makes the experience exceptional for you is our attention to detail, our timeliness in producing great results, and our expertise and wealth of knowledge.

You can rely on us. Expect us to follow the strictest standards while sourcing artworks. Adhere to our ethics and code of conduct in our relationships with artists. And show you art that is original, authentic and genuine.


Corporate Art Consulting

Art in your office says a lot about you. Your personality and taste. And more people experience it than say art at your home, on your bedroom wall.

Art that is installed in the office, in the lounge area, at the reception or in a waiting room, has a purpose too. It exudes a sense of success, accomplishment, confidence and inspiration. You want people who experience art in this setting to know your organization’s professional yet personal side, and the unique values you bring to the table.

Art adds warmth and colour to any space. It brightens it up and enhances it to no end. Just so staff and visitors alike are touched and embraced by its unforgettable character, charm and finesse.

We often leave our artworks on site for days. We let you absorb it and consider it together, collaboratively. We also prepare a digital hanging for you, where we create a digital image of your space with the painting in it. We make a daunting job of selecting art easy and straight forward.  

The same goes for the price or any other requirements you may have. We meet them – clearly and transparently – just so you enjoy your Aboriginal art journey to the fullest.