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Events & Exhibitions

At Creative Native, we celebrate Australian Aboriginal art created by emerging and established artists. Our Events and Exhibitions are a window into another world.

We showcase a vibrant selection of stunning paintings, intricate artworks and curated artefacts featuring artists from across Australia, and specifically from our diverse Aboriginal artist communities.

We explore art from the artist’s viewpoint. Scenes from the artist’s imagination, powerful narratives and stories from the Dreamtime. The unrestricted palettes and ancient symbology conveyed on an array of mediums - From large-scale paintings to delicate glassware and even rugs and shawls.

Art can be very moving when experienced this way. The different voices that stand out in unison. Artistic expression that demonstrates diverse techniques and collaborative styles. And the artist’s unique ability to translate and capture the very essence of their culture.

Here a deep and unwavering love for the country shines through. Which is at once spiritual, regenerative and creative.

And, so does the need to express, communicate and emote. Reach out and enthral the larger world. 

Exhibitions often include exciting works from both emerging and established artists, and we also host events featuring artworks on an artist to artist basis.


Our Events Calendar