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For Aboriginal Artists

Creative Native is invested in making your creative dreams a reality. We are always looking for passionate, creative and committed artists who are interested in pursuing art as a career. We would love to be your ally and help promote you as well as sell your art through our gallery. We want to bridge the gap and bring you the appreciation your art truly deserves.

We have years of experience and a fine personal touch. Being a reputed and established Aboriginal art gallery in the city, our clientele is vast and esteemed. And you would love to join our ranks of Aboriginal artists who are recognised, empowered and appreciated the world over.


Connecting you with the world

We aspire to connect you to the world and bolster the connections between you and art lovers everywhere. We will use our existing network to expose your art to and bring you lucrative business from buyers, interior designers, art collectors, magazines and a number of other fascinating people and their businesses.

We know the heartache of seeing talent go unrecognised. This is why we are dedicated to discovering and promoting hidden gems and treasured art. Our conviction is that with the right guidance and support you will not only succeed to support yourself and your dreams, but beyond that you will shine.


Our dedication

At Creative Native we are an Aboriginal art gallery and emporium in the heart of the city. We showcase a wide range of authentic Aboriginal art and giftware, sourced directly from some of Australia’s leading and emerging Indigenous artists.

We also run this online gallery together with a blog spot and we use these platforms to help spread the word of the Aboriginal art movement. We are passionate about our work and our passion is contagious.

Our gallery is a curated and supportive platform and we encourage you to come join us. Subscribe to our blog for news about upcoming events and exhibitions, free didgeridoo lessons and our educational and inspirational articles.