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Speaking through art

Experience a 600,000-year-old ancient culture through our artworks - storytelling as well as painting. Immerse yourself as you learn and share. Conducted by art experts and local Aboriginal artists.

Speaking through art is a hands-on and interactive workshop. Delve deep into Aboriginal art and learn the secret meanings behind Aboriginal art symbols. Decode art styles by the region of origin. And, create your own souvenir to take with you, as a keepsake of this memorable experience.



The Workshop Includes:

  • Learn about symbols used in Aboriginal art and the meaning behind each.
  • Learn about art styles unique to each community and region.
  • Touch and see the special artefacts used for hunting and gathering food.
  • Discuss the age-old and traditional techniques such as ochre paintings.
  • Understand the new, emerging and contemporary styles in Aboriginal art.
  • Hear about the Dreamtime and its special significance on art.
  • Learn about Aboriginal medicine, materials and bush foods.
  • Create your own piece to take away with you!

The workshop is open to everyone, and we invite individuals, children, families, couples, tour groups, club groups and corporate groups to join us. We can tailor the workshop to your specific requirements.


Bookings & Cost:

Workshops can be booked anytime on any day based on availability.


How to Book:

Please email us for pricing or inquiries and to make your bookings. Use our Contact Us page or send us an email to



Free! Didgeridoo Lessons Just For You

A visit to Perth is incomplete without our FREE didgeridoo lessons. Come try them out. It’s the best way to learn to play this fascinating instrument.  


You will learn from an expert. We will go through the basics on how to play the didgeridoo, circular breathing and building complex rhythms.


Be sure to check out our didgeridoo store that carries a unique range of Authentic hand-painted didgeridoos hollowed out by termites. You are sure to find a didgeridoo to suit any budget. And, we will help you with the cases, packing and shipping to anywhere in the world.


Bookings & Cost:

We will be holding didgeridoo lessons on the last Wednesday of each month!

Lessons are free but bookings are essential.

There is a max capacity for each lesson, so secure your spot today!


How to Book:

Please walk into our gallery or email us to make your bookings. Use our Contact Us page or send us an email to