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The Australian Aboriginal Art movement is intense. One that captures the hearts and minds of new-age art enthusiasts, as well as one that stirs and engages the more traditional classical art connoisseurs.


This is because Aboriginal Art carries a deep and age-old message, of an anthropological and historical significance.  At the same time, it is new, peppy and trendy with patterns and motifs that are extremely fascinating.


The versatility of Aboriginal Art is of significance too. Over the epochs, we have found Aboriginal art in caves and painted over rocks, paint that is layered on the body as a part of ceremony and carved into ceremonials artefacts and instruments, linen, wood, bark, pots and a plethora of other mediums. More recently, acrylic paintings, paintings on canvas, watercolour paintings and sculpture too.


Drawing inspiration from the Dreamtime and from the heritage of an ancient culture.


Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture in the world. This shows in Indigenous artwork, wherein the rich and complex connection with the country and intimate knowledge of the terrain, natural phenomena and the environment are often used as themes.


Aboriginal culture is also an oral culture and many of the details are passed down and inherited from family and country.  


And so Aboriginal art is a reflection. It is essential for keeping the venerable stories alive, the Indigenous culture flourishing and the vital conversations and dialogues open with the rest of the community and the world.