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Karma Matters

Hand-Painted Bark by Karma Matters


  • Yellow piece: Roughly 40cm in length
  • Blue piece: Roughly 30cm in length
  • Hand-painted with acrylic paints on bark
  • Finished with a coat of lacquer for protection
  • Each bark piece has been blessed energetically using traditional shamanic practices

About Karma:

“Jinnaburra clan is where I am from, this is the South East Queensland region, from my mothers’ side. We come from a bloodline of health practitioners and spiritual advisors and artists. 

Sydney is where I was born, and I spent the first 5 years growing up in the surrounding regions of a dense aboriginal community. 

I am a mother of two boys and spent my entire focus when they were young raising them the old ways, the best I could. Painting, drawing, sewing, cooking, learning and practicing shamanic energy healing, rituals and prayer, drumming and spirit communication are things I practice regularly. I use herbal, crystal and food preparations and elixirs for healing and nurturing mind, body and spirit.

My inspiration to paint, create and use stones and crystals, jewellery pieces, puni, clap sticks, emu feathers and rocks comes from my deepest expression and spiritual guidance to serve others to awaken their connection with spirit. I love teaching others about our connection with the land through these inspirations.

Bark paintings are an expression of how we painted and expressed ourselves in the old times. Painting tree spirits, serpents, ancient symbols and vibrational impressions of the spirit world is my connection and experience of my dreaming. It is my path to share with others the importance of our connection to the land, our ancestors, our culture, our stories, spirit and our Dreaming.”