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Our Gallery


We are at home in a diverse and vibrant city enjoying a special view.

Every day, tourists, tradies, executives, students, entrepreneurs, travellers, homemakers, freelancers, seekers, experts, and enthusiasts, all shades of people walk in through our doors and find what they are looking for.


We offer authentic art and art experiences that are hard to come by. We showcase rare, exquisite and budding new talent. And we do it in a setting that is comfortable and relaxed.

Our Mission


We believe art belongs to everyone, whoever you are, wherever you are. And we help you find that piece that resonates with you, that inspires you and stirs you, and that creates an instant and lasting emotional connection.


Our true mission is to promote Indigenous artists and exhibit art that is meaningful to the community.  We believe that the artists and artisans, the creators of the art, should benefit from having their artwork promoted by a professional gallery.

Creative Native was established in 1987 as an art gallery and emporium. 


We began with a big dream, a small collection of artworks and a heartfelt relationship with 10 Perth-based Aboriginal Artists.


We have come a long way from then and today we house a large collection of authentic artworks by celebrated artists across Australia. Artwork that is vibrant, appealing and rich in detail, carrying the signature styles of the many creators and unique regional associations to the land of their creation.