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Betty Egan

"A Sacred Place" by Betty Egan


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  • 75cm by 51cm 
  • Acrylic paint on canvas

About Betty:

Betty Egan was born on Yallalong Station on the Murchison River in Western Australia. She and her family are members of the Wadjarra Tribe who continue to speak the Wadjarri language and maintain a very strong continual link with their country and traditional culture in the Murchison River. 

Betty Egan was educated at the Pallotine Mission, Tardun in Western Australia, leaving in 1986 moving to Alice Springs. It was here that her adopted family gave her permission to start painting their stories. Betty has returned home and she is now painting her own stories.

About the artwork:

“This place is on the Murchison people drive past-thinking there’s no water. But there is a spring nearby.”  –  Betty Egan

In Betty's words: "All women meet at one place; each has a life path. Behind that path we see a big star. I say all women are stars".