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"Bush Medicine Leaves" by Caroline Numina

Caroline Numina

"Bush Medicine Leaves" by Caroline Numina


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  • 147 x 100cm in size
  • Painted with acrylics on canvas

About Caroline

Caroline Numina is one of senior sisters of six well known desert artists: Jacinta, Lanita, Louise, Selina, and Sharon. She has two brothers, her father has passed away and her mum still paints from time to time. She later studied at Yirarra College in Alice Springs. Like her sisters and mother she comes from a long line of desert painters of the contemporary Aboriginal art and dot-dot central desert movement.

After high school Caroline Numina returned to Stirling Station near Ti Tree and met her husband.  She started painting in the early 80s. As with her other sisters she was taught by her well renowned painter aunties: Gloria and Kathleen Petyarre, who are well established artists in Alice Springs. Caroline and her family live in Darwin and travel home to visit her mother Barbara Price Mtjimbana often, as well as to her partner's country.

About the artwork

This painting ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ depicts the leaves of a special plant that is used to aid in healing.

 The leaves are collected and then boiled to extract the resin from the leaves. This resin is then mixed with kangaroo fat collected from the kangaroo’s stomach. This creates a paste that can be stored for up to six months in bush conditions. This medicine is used to heal cuts, wounds, bites, rashes and as an insect repellent.

 By painting about ‘Bush Medicine Dreaming’ Caroline Numina is paying respect to the spirit of the medicine plant in the hope that it will regenerate, enabling the people to use its healing powers.