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Naomi Pula Price

"Bush Plum" by Naomi Price Pula


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Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 96 x 73 cm

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Naomi Price is an Anmetyerre woman from Boundary Bore, around 300km northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. She is the daughter of world-renowned artist, Anna Price Petyarre adopting a similar style to her mother when telling these important Dreamings. Anna is the niece of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, one of the highest-selling aboriginal artists.

About the Artwork

This artwork depicts the Bush Plum (or Conkerberry).  The varying composition in color and pattern reveals the geography of the Bush plum, as well as the artist’s knowledge of significant places, such as clay pans, soakages and spinifex mounds. Bush Plum is a food source for the Aboriginal people from Utopia in the Eastern desert of Central Australia. The women pay homage through body paint, songlines, and dance cycles in their ceremonies.