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Justin Ronberg

"Bush Tucker Dreaming" by Justin IGGY Ronberg


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Size:                  84 x 38 cm
Born:                Alice Springs, NT
Creations:        Paintings, Didgeridoo and Boomerangs
Mediums:        Acrylic, Ochre

His paintings show a strong sense of connection with his country. Justin depicts the Australian landscape and its beautiful creatures through his earthy, unique style of painting. This work reflects his vibrant creative expression that mirrors his ongoing artistic journey to promote his cultural heritage.

Justin Ronberg spent his youth in the Northern Territory and the Central Desert regions where he was encouraged by his family to pursue his Artistic talents. From an early age Justin has been inspired by the mind-blowing sounds of the didgeridoo.

Justin’s Australian landscape and earth images paint a strong sense of connection with the Australian outback (bush). His creations are earthy, vibrant and full of life.

The sounds and visions of the Australian landscape are expressed through his unique style of painting. This creative expression reflects his ongoing artistic journey to promote his cultural heritage.

Principles of art and craft were given to him to enable Justin to follow his artistic path. Justin is an internationally recognized and collected artist, who is also a fantastic didgeridoo performer and teacher.

About the Painting

The Perente (Goanna) is a totemic spirit and the Central / Western Desert Aboriginal artists paint the Goanna Dreaming to honor their ancestral spirits. The “starbursts” represent the Spinifex which is found throughout Justin’s desert country and the small roundels are the wildflowers that emerge in a burst of color from late July to early September. The Kangaroo is the greatest source of bush tucker for Justin’s people, the snake is regarded as the protector and creator of the land and the Emu is the giver of fortune and good luck.

This painting depicts several animals used as bush tuckers such as Kangaroo, Emu, Snake, Goanna and Spinifex. These are a principal Aboriginal food source (bush tucker) for Aboriginal people living in Aboriginal Art Regions of Central Australia.

Art awards and Exhibitions

  • Justin participates in cultural events and festivals within Australia and overseas. His works have been represented internationally in Europe and the U.S.A. at Selected Art Museums and Galleries.
  •  Creative Native Aboriginal Art Gallery Perth – My extensive works are available for viewing and purchasing at Creative Native.
  • Mbautua Art Gallery


Played Didjeridu, percussion for Legendary Australian Bands:
Coloured Stone
Desert Sea Band
Rhythm Stick
Recorded Didge on various Australian Artist CD.