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Rachael Nambula

"Bush Tucker Dreaming" by Rachael Nambula


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Size: 97 x 75 cm

Medium: Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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Rachael Nambula was born in 1970 in the Utopia region on Stirling Station, located northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, and is the great-niece of Emily Kame Kngwarreye, one of the most highly successful and prominent figures in the history of Indigenous art.

Rachael's themes centre around bush tucker and bush medicine, which grow in abundant in her native land. Her mother, Evelyn Pultara, a senior custodian of Pencil Yam Dreaming, has passed this on to Rachael. The Pencil Yam, a significant food source, is traditionally depicted by Rachael in fine and broad leaf style.

Through her vibrant and intricate Bush Tucker designs, Rachael depicts various traditional foods collected by women, such as seeds, berries, witchetty grubs, goannas, and leaves used for bush medicine.

In her painting "Bush Tucker Dreaming," Rachael's dynamic composition narrates the story of women gathering and hunting for bush tucker, symbolised by U-shaped figures with digging sticks and features the significant women's ceremonial sites associated with this Dreaming.