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Joy Pitjara

"Bush Yam Seeds" by Joy Pitjara


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  • 95cm by 73 cm 

  • Acrylic paint on canvas

  • Commission Work Available

About Joy 

Joy Pitjara was born in 1962 in Boundary Bore, Utopia. She is the daughter of well-known artist Glory Ngarla (deceased) and sister to very famous Anna Price Petyarre. Born in a famous artist family, Joy learned batik from an early age from her mother and later started painting on canvas with acrylic paints. Using a fine dotting technique with subtle shades of colour, Joy depicts the stories such as the Bush Tobacco Plant, Bush Plum, and Yam Dreamings.

About the artwork

In this painting, Joy paints the Bush Plum seeds. The Bush Plum is a highly nutritious small fruit with black seeds, rich in vitamin C that can be eaten raw or cooked. Growing in a great profusion of flowers and fruit throughout the winter months, the women, accompanied by the children collect the bush plums, while at the same time reconfirming their confirmation to the land.

The flourish of color that distinguishes the bush plum after the fall of the rain is quickly transformed with the long hot summer months. Dried and separated, the seed and husk are scattered over the vast sunbaked landscape by the hot summer winds.