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Geoffrey Woods

"Gathering" by Geoffrey Woods

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  • 142cm by 85cm 
  • Acrylic paint on canvas

About Geoffrey

Geoff Woods is from Gnowangerup, South of Albany and is a Noongar man of the Wilomin people of the South West of Western Australia.

Geoff’s painting style is traditional, but unique and inspired by the Dreamtime stories of his people. He painted stories from his country that had been passed down to him from his tribal elders for many generations.

Geoff is the son of Jeff Roberts a well-known and highly regarded aboriginal artist. Although Jeff Roberts is now deceased, Geoffrey Woods continues on to paint, utilizing the painting skills and Dreamtime stories taught to him by his father.         

About the artwork 

This painting depicts Aboriginal iconography referring to the Snake Dreaming (Utnea). The ancestral snakes travelled the land of Central Australia, creating important sites. This piece also symbolises the home (the middle of the painting), where Geoffrey’s children (the footprints) are able to come back to no matter where they are in their lives.