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"Dolphin Dreaming" by Christine Winmar

Christine Winmar

"Dolphin Dreaming" by Christine Winmar


  • Acrylic painting
  • size 120cm X 90cm

About Christine:

Christine Winmar is a Noongar woman, born in Midland, Western Australia in 1965. Her skin name is ‘Allawah’, an Aboriginal word meaning "Stay here". Christine was taught to paint by her father, a renowned artist and didgeridoo craftsman. He taught her many aspects and techniques of Noongar art which reflect in her work today. Christine then began experimenting with different styles and techniques with the support of her family and friends. 

Christine has also spent a few years in the Kimberley, where she further developed her skills by adopting the techniques utilised by aboriginals in the Northern Territory.

By 1997 Christine was selling her works through an Aboriginal art gallery in Perth.  Her first joint exhibition followed shortly, when in 2005 she and fellow artists Mingi May Barnes, Geoff Lindsey and Tjinanginy exhibited in Perth and Cottesloe. 

 In 2009 Christine exhibited her work with various other artists in Perth and San Francisco, in the “Colours of Australia” exhibition.

Christine uses media such as canvas, pottery, wood and glass. Bright and colourful patterns made using dots are a common aspect of her work.