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Roseanne Morton Pwerle

"Main Waterhole" by Roseanne Morton


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Size: 110 x 94cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Roseanne Morton Petyarre is a talented emerging artist in the world of contemporary aboriginal art. She was born in 1984 at Boundary Bore in Utopia, approx. 280km northeast of Alice Springs, Northern Territory, and had a traditional upbringing, attending school at Utopia so she could stay close to family.

Roseanne’s mother is renowned artist Gracie Morton Pwerle. Gracie started to paint on batik in the 1980s along with her mother Myrtle Petyarre and Aunties Gloria, Kathleen, Violet, Nancy, and Ada Bird Petyarre (all international artists).

Roseanne learned from a young age the art of painting her dreamings, ceremonies and important bush foods onto canvas by watching her mother, aunties, and grandmothers.
Roseanne continues to live at Utopia with her husband, Papunya artist, James Morris, and their two children. A lovely lady with immense talent, this third-generation artist will no doubt have a long and successful career.

About the Painting

One of the main sources of water for the Aboriginal people was 'gnamma' holes. These natural cavities are commonly found in hard rock, particularly granite outcrops, and as such act as natural water tanks, which are replenished from underground stores and rainwater run-off.