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"Men Hunting" by Jason Tjampitjinpa Clancy


Commission Painting

Name:   Jason Tjampitjinpa Clancy

Region: Anmatjere Language

Size:      40 x 30cm

Jason Clancy is from Ti-Tree in the NT. Anmatjere is the name given to Ti Tree town and its' surrounding communities and smaller outstations. These include Pmara Jutunta, Nturiya, and Wilora.

Anmatjere is located 194km north of Alice Springs by road traveling on the Stuart Highway and it takes 2 hours to drive there. By road, it takes 10 minutes to drive to the closest airstrip in Ti Tree Town then 30 minutes to fly to Alice Springs.

This painting is the story of men hunting for Emu using spears and hunting boomerangs. At contact, the Aboriginal economy was based on a stable, considered management of the environment and an effective organization of labor. Males and females made different but complementary economic contributions. Women were primarily the gatherers of vegetables, roots, herbs, fruits, nuts, eggs and honey, and small land animals such as Snakes, and Goannas. Men were the hunters of large land animals and birds and also cooperated to organize large-scale hunting drives to catch Emus and Kangaroos. The collection and preparation of this wide variety of bush food required the development of efficient, multifunctional technology, considerable practical skills, and seasonal changes. Some plant foods were easy to collect but required complex preparation before they could be eaten.