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Tanya Bird Mbitjana

"My Country - Bush Seeds" by Tanya Bird Mbitjana


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Size: 93 x 88cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Commission Work Available

Tanya Bird Mbitjana (Mpetyane) is a well-established Indigenous artist from the famous artist community called Utopia, approximately 250kms north-east of Alice Springs. Tanya is the daughter of artists Paddy Bird and Eileen Bird and is the granddaughter of renowned Indigenous artist Ada Bird Petyarre.

Tanya’s Dreamings include, ‘Women’s Ceremony’, ‘Body Paint’ and ‘Bush Medicine Leaves.’ Her style of painting is highly detailed and recognizable, featuring monochromatic colors or a bright, contrasting palette usually seen in her ‘Bush Medicine Leaves’ illustrations.

Tanya’s depictions of her ‘Bush medicine Leaves’ Dreaming are unique in that her leaves have a distinct circular movement to them, which represents the ways in which the leaves float to the ground.

‘Body Paint’ represents the designs the women paint on their bodies and the dancing tracks made in the sand during sacred women’s ceremonies. Through these ceremonies, the women pay homage to their ancestors and show respect for their country.

The soft movement and vibrant or monochromatic colors seen in Taya’s work make her pieces highly contemporary and highly sought-after pieces of Indigenous Art.