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Gracie Jurrah Nungurrayi

"My Country" by Gracie Jurrah Nungarrayi


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  • 60cm by 60cm 
  • Acrylic paint on canvas

About Gracie

Gracie resides between Kintore in the Western Desert and Alice Springs. She is a member of the Pintupi tribe. Pintupi people moved (or were moved) into the Aboriginal communities of Papunya and Haasts Bluss in the west of the Northern Territory from the 1940s to the 1980s. The last Pintupi to leave their traditional lifestyle in the desert, in 1984, is a group known as the Pintupi Nine, also sometimes called the "lost tribe". 

Over recent decades, groups of Pintupi have moved back to their traditional country, as a part of what has come to be called the outstation movement. These groups set up the communities of Kintore in the Northern Territory, Kiwirrkura, and Jupiter Well in Western Australia.

Gracie comes from a family of artists and paints stories of her country that have been passed onto her from her ancestors. She mainly paints stories from her country near Kintore and women's dreaming stories.