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Narelle Reid Napangardi

"My Country" by Narelle Reid Napangardi


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  • 61cm by 63cm 
  • Acrylic paint on canvas

About Narelle

Narelle is the sister of Barbara and Julie Reid who are also artists. She is from the Tjukurla region in Western Australia. Tjukurla is situated at the edge of a large salt lake, Lake Hopkins and the surrounding country is sand and clay with desert oaks. It was re-opened as an outstation of Warakurna in 1980. Basket making is one of the craft specialties of the women in this community and they have a budding art program.

Narelle typically paints stories from her mother’s country. This particular painting depicts Narelle’s country in Tjukurla. The lines represent journey lines the women would travel to reach their sacred sites and camping grounds.