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Nye Johnston

"My Country" by Nye Johnston


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Size: 90 x 60 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

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Nye Johnson, a native of Kalgoorlie born in 1978, spent his formative years in Leonora and Wiluna, where his family originates. Raised by two talented artists, Nye's father, a skilled landscape painter, passed down his artistic flair, influencing Nye's artwork. His masterful paintings intricately capture the essence of the Wiluna landscape and its abundant Bush Tucker, reflecting his passion for vibrant colours and the exploration of diverse terrains.

In addition to his artistic pursuits, Nye finds joy in playing basketball and AFL Footy. Family is significant for Nye, as he is one of four siblings and a father to six beloved children. Furthermore, he is fortunate to have a supportive partner who encourages his hobbies and passions.

About the Painting

Nye Johnston's paintings are poignant examples of a painting approach developed in the Carolup School, which emerged in Western Australia as a distinctive landscape tradition of painting created by school-aged Aboriginal children in the 1940s.

Its elements of romantic depiction of the bush and bush life may well reflect the needs of the child artists who were removed from their Aboriginal families under government policy. The tradition became a shared painting style as the young artists matured and painting techniques spread through family groups, creating a regional style in the wheat belt and southwest towns of Western Australia.

The drawings form an essential contribution and connection to Noongar history and Aboriginal art history. The scenes of hunting, corroborees, and the environment illustrate some of the last remaining memories of traditional cultural activities in the southwest.