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Yondee Shane Hansen

"Dancing Winds" by YONDEE Shane Hansen


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Size: 164 x 63 cm

Medium: Acrylic on Linen

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Renowned Noongar artist Yondee Shane Hansen was born in the southwestern region of Western Australia in 1964, specifically in Dumbleyung, located 270 km south of Perth. His father imparted knowledge of hunting and the creation of sand drawings, while his visits to his aunties on the Swan River involved the collection of paper bark to aid in their artistic endeavors. These experiences formed the foundation of his artistic education, as his older relatives, known for their paper bark paintings, became his initial instructors.

Addressing his current artistic practice, Yondee Shane Hansen stated, "I create sand paintings by collecting sand from the creeks. The sand, once washed to remove salt, exhibits a smoother texture from the creeks. After multiple washes and sieving, when mixed with paint, it becomes suitable for use. The combination of black and white sand in my paintings conveys a simple yet powerful message."

As a seasoned artist, Yondee Shane Hansen has developed techniques to utilize sand and ochres in depicting the narratives and legends of his people. In addition to these traditional representations, he also produces detailed figurative works encompassing themes such as mission life, hunting, and animals. Despite the abstract nature of his works, they remain narrative in essence. Yondee, having acquired his grandfather's knowledge of ground paintings during childhood, aspires to preserve and elevate these art forms. He holds the belief that translating them into sand paintings not only does justice to their origins but also extends their reach to new audiences. The artist's bush name, Yondee, translates to Black Goanna.

Yondee Shane Hansen has collaborated with the Campfire group of Aboriginal artists in Brisbane and has showcased his artwork in galleries across Western Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, and internationally, including the United States, the Czech Republic, and Ireland.

About the Painting

 Aboriginal people have looked to the stars for guidance to hunt and travel for thousands of years. Through the strong connections with the spirits of the universe, stars, wind and galaxy, Aboriginal people speak to their ancestors and hear them singing and chanting through the night sky wind. They are the messengers of the sky that come to Earth by the wind telling stories through the Dreaming, in dance and ceremonies that these stories were passed on.