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Jason Dimer

"Waterhole Dreaming" by Jason Dimer


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  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Size 45cm X 85cm 

About Jason

Jason Dimer comes from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia and is the son of the late Mr Neil Dimer who was an important leader and artist from the Goldfields region.  Presently Jason lives and works in Kalgoorlie and his paintings depict traditional dreamtime stories that have been passed down to Jason from his tribe, in Wangkathaa country.  These stories include the rainbow serpent and men’s stories.  Jason also paints stories of his mother’s country.

 About the artwork

This painting represents the main waterholes that were created by the Rainbow Serpent back in the Dreamtime.  The waterholes give life to all those that visit here to drink. You can see tracks of the dingo, emu, bush turkey, and kangaroos.  The “V” shapes are Aboriginal men sitting around the fire and waterholes playing tapping sticks, clapping boomerangs and didgeridoos.  Other men are sitting around the waterholes ready to go out hunting with their hitting sticks, boomerangs and killer boomerangs. The rounder “U” shapes are aboriginal women, collecting bush tucker with digging sticks. White fat witchetty grubs and yellow honey ants go around the border, they are delicacies. The vines of the silky pear ‘Karlkula’ is iconic of Kalgoorlie. The Goanna represents the protector of the waterholes.