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Artist of the Week: JUSTIN RONBERG

Posted by Jilan Shah on
Artist of the Week: JUSTIN RONBERG

Justin Ronberg is an Ukaka man, with bloodlines from the Luritja-Arrente tribe (mother's side) and Nullabor Coast (father's side). He spent his youth in the Northern Territory and the central Desert regions where he was encouraged by his family to pursue his artistic and musical talents. 

Justin is not only a brilliant painter, but he also loves playing his didgeridoo and pan-flute out bush. He's often inspired by the sounds and music of the outback and likes to channel that into his artwork. As you view his artworks, you can almost see the vibration of music and sound moving in and around the intricate dot-work, the dancing animals, and dazzling star-like formations indicating Spinifex grass and the Milkyway. 

Justin was inspired to pick up the didgeridoo by his father, Bunna Lawrie, a member of the internationally recognised band Coloured Stone. Since then, Justin can't live without his didge and carries it everywhere, playing solo out in the stunning landscapes of Central Australia, or on the streets of nearby villages with other local musicians. 

Talking about his art practice, Justin describes it as a spiritual practice. His artwork is inextricably a part of him and as such, simply has to paint in order to feel whole and a sense of connection to his country and family.

Inspired by the great outdoors, Justin's main subjects include the Goanna (the Protector of the land), the Snake (Creator of the Land), Emu (Good Fortune), and Kangaroo (Bush Tucker). These animals signify the spirits of Justin's ancestors and are often depicting performing sacred ceremonies relating to coming of age, bush tucker, and the overseeing and protection of the land. 


Justin enjoys travelling all across Australia and lives a predominantly nomadic lifestyle, documenting his travels through photos and videos. He finds Australian Native animals, vast landscapes and vibrant sunsets particularly captivating. During his travels, he's understood the importance of self-care and the use of traditional Indigenous healing methods, and as such has delved deeper into learning about alternative methods of healing, such as essential oils, Bush Medicine and organic food for healing. 

Speaking with him, Justin's soft and child-like nature is endearing and inspiring, and he loves to have a laugh. Although he prefers to keep to himself, when you ask him about his art, his whole being lights up and it's clear that he has found his calling.

His message to young Indigenous aspiring artists and people alike is: "Just be yourself". 

Creative Native has worked extensively with Justin over the past decade and are extremely proud to be showcasing a stunning collection of his work, with new works often on the way. You can view and purchase his pieces by clicking here


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