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Artist Profile: Christine Winmar's Versatile Expression

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Artist Profile: Christine Winmar's Versatile Expression

Bright and colourful patterns that shimmer on every medium – canvas, pottery, wood, glass, jewellery and even textile. Aboriginal artist Christine Winmar brings a world of imagination to life. All through her art!

Each piece is an experience and it is hard to not be moved. The stunning themes – Turtles wading in turquoise waters, a family of pink brolgas, swarms of speckled fish in soothing depths or red-gold lizards climbing over ornate rocks. Mystical images from the Dreamtime and yarns depicted in clear detail. Her exquisite technique and flair. The nuanced strokes, swathes of sweeping colours and mesmerizing arrays of dots, that are her very signature.

Christine’s skin name is “Allawah” which is an Aboriginal word meaning – “stay here”.  And, that is truly her essence. Her paintings stay with us, transport us and immerse us. Her artwork continues to hold us captive long-after.  

In this article, we explore the story behind the enigmatic and versatile artist – Christine Annette Winmar. A little about her beautiful collection of scarves, jewellery and art. Some anecdotes and experiences. And her take on working with us at Creative Native.


An Inspiring Story

Christine is a local Noongar artist who was born in Midland, Western Australia in 1965. These days, she lives and works in Perth enjoying the bustle of our lively city.

Christine was coached in the fine art of painting by her father, who himself was a renowned artist and didgeridoo craftsman. He helped her discover the practices and techniques of Noongar art which are reflected in her work even today.

Christine spent a few growing-up years in Kimberley, in Northern Territory, and she also adopts certain techniques and traits of Aboriginal art from this region.

She often experiments with new styles and her work incorporates many influences from across the homestead. This brings a unique flavour to Christine’s art, which is experimental, bold, infused and traditional at the same time. Art aficionados are delighted by the subtle undercurrents and vagaries of her work.



Colours of Australia

Christine has been creating her striking art since before 1987, and her work has been proudly showcased in galleries across Australia and in the US. 

She has come a long way from her first joint exhibition in 1989, when she and fellow artists Mingi May Barnes, Geoff Lindsey and Tjinanginy exhibited their works in Perth and Cottesloe. And from the “Colours of Australia” exhibition at Perth and San Francisco, where her artwork was displayed alongside works by some other prominent artists of the time.

Christine has created and sold over x pieces since she began her journey and art has been a fulfilling and stimulating pursuit for her.   


Explore Christine’s extensive range of paintings – select from tiny and small canvases to medium and large canvases.


The Christine Winmar Collection

Christine’s collection that includes scarves, message stones, upholstery, jewellery, bowls, glassware and more, is beautiful as it is wide-ranging. There is something for everyone.

It is fascinating how designs render differently on each new material. And, Christine is unstoppable. She continues to explore new mediums and find new avenues for art-expression. This means that the Christine Winmar Collection is ever-budding.

New pieces from Christine are always popular and first to be snatched up by enthralled customers.


Pieces from Christine’s collection are available for purchase at Creative Native.  View the collection here.


Working with Creative Native

Christine has been selling her art through Creative Native since 1987 and continues to do so till date. It has been a long-cherished and special relationship, and we are especially honoured and privileged.


Like most artists Christine is private, spending her days away from the public eye in the peace and quiet of her home. She attributes her resounding success to the love and support of her family and friends, and to her ever-growing network of fans and well-wishers.

My heartfelt thanks to Creative Native Director, Darren Napangardi, for this beautiful opportunity and my sincerest gratitude to the incredible Christine Winmar for sharing her experiences.

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